Granite Pathways Team Members Recognized by the State of New Hampshire

Lisa Bee, a Parent Partner in the Strength to Succeed program; and Lori Herbert, STS Program Director.

Granite Pathways is thrilled to announce that two team members have been recognized by the State of New Hampshire for outstanding service! Lisa Bee, a Parent Partner in the Strength to Succeed (STS) program, was presented with the Exemplary Leadership and Service Award for her outstanding work by NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Commissioner Lori Shibinette, and Joe Ribsam, Jr., Director of the Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF). Lisa was nominated by DCYF staff as a leader whose work is exceptional and as someone who goes above and beyond for the parents with whom she works. For those parents, she is a beacon of hope and inspiration.

The recognition was given virtually at the annual DCYF conference. “It is hard to express how honored I am to receive this award,” Lisa said. “I am humbled to be able to help build relationships with families here in New Hampshire.”

Lori Hebert, STS Program Director, was presented with the Granite Award for Exceptional External Partnership and Collaboration with DCYF. “It is truly an honor to be recognized by DCYF. I share this award with our entire team who have tirelessly worked to build and expand peer services for families involved with child protection. Together with the Division, we are helping families find healing through sustainable recovery and I look forward to continuing this work together.”

The State of NH deserves significant credit for its commitment to innovation. Recognizing the challenges faced by families impacted by substance use disorder (SUD), DCYF introduced STS as a collaborative, voluntary approach to support children and parents through a peer-to-peer support model. STS staff, who also serve families impacted by mental health issues or chronic neglect, provide recovery, social, health/wellness and in-home supports for families. These staff offer something that DCYF-involved parents need most at this critical and tremendously painful juncture in their lives—strong support from an ally who “gets it” and withholds judgement while recognizing that these parents can do better. Granite Pathways provides STS services in nine DCYF catchment areas across New Hampshire.

Parent Partners guide families to advocate for themselves, and help parents to meet the requirements of DCYF safety plans. They help participant parents to navigate social service, mental health, and addiction services, and offer critical guidance to find stable housing, food assistance and employment, or to enroll in medical plans.

Lisa Bee has been a Parent Partner in the Southern NH district since October 18, 2018. She does not have a traditional employment background—the extraordinary empathy and remarkable interpersonal skills that drive her success as a parent partner are based on her own life experience. Lisa is driven to learn and to grow, educating herself about every aspect of addiction and recovery services. Shy when she first joined Strength to Succeed, Lisa now leads presentations for state and private partners.

Even though in-person family sessions were cancelled for most of 2020 due to COVID-19, Lisa facilitated these important meetings online, with great success.

“Every parent needs a Lisa Bee, I think that really sums it up” said STS program Director Lori Hebert.” She helps parents to envision a different future, to find the courage to change and to rediscover their voices so they can better be there for their children. What sets Lisa apart is that she continually pushes herself to do better. She is a consummate professional, but so humble and open to learning.”

Patricia Reed, NH State Director, strongly believes in the power of parent peer support and education to impact the lives of NH’s children. “Granite Pathways is committed to change the trajectory of children’s lives—to provide early and evidence-based interventions for both parents and children that will promote healthy development and social and emotional growth. We know that early intervention can change the course of a child’s life—supports provided to parents, relative caregivers and children will, without a doubt, enhance long-term positive outcomes for these children to succeed in all life domains. We are proud of our amazing staff and honored to be part of this initiative.”

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