Recognizing the challenges faced by New Hampshire families affected by substance use, mental health and/or chronic neglect, the Division for Children Youth and Families (DCYF) introduced a collaborative approach to support parents and kin caregivers through the Strength to Succeed Program (STS). STS is a voluntary and trust-based model of peer support, staffed by individuals with lived experience. STS is leading the way in promoting collaborative relationships with families involved in child protective and juvenile justice services throughout New Hampshire. Granite Pathways was awarded the STS contract in 2018 and since launching the programming, services have expanded several times. The program has received over 2,000 referrals, supported 1,783 families, and continues to validate the need and efficacy of peer delivered services.

Families are referred to STS when they are involved during an assessment, open court case, and/or juvenile justice case. The reasons for involvement are substance use, mental health and/or chronic neglect.

STS staff include Parent Partners and Family Peer Support Workers who are Certified Recovery Support Workers (CRSW), licensed with the State of NH to deliver peer recovery services. They work directly with parents and kin caregivers offering peer support and coaching, care coordination, and system navigation. STS staff provide education to parents delivering Nurturing Parenting curriculum and DCYF 101 along with facilitating Parenting a Second Time Around (PASTA) groups for kin caregivers. Staff also deliver educational training to DCYF workers and community partners.

STS services are focused on building self-empowerment, breaking down barriers and instilling hope. Needs are assessed and used to build a Care Coordination Plan that staff and families work together to create attainable goals based on their needs and objectives that the family has identified. Staff create a safe space for families to recognize their needs, help them get their needs met and celebrate their milestones. The STS program has a fundamental responsibility to instill hope, reduce fear, breakdown barriers and honor a family’s progress. Small progress leads to bigger outcomes that the program strives to celebrate and elevate for families.

Strength to Succeed services are funded under a contract with the State of New Hampshire, Department of Health and Human Services, with funds provided in part by the State of New Hampshire and/or such other funding sources as were available or required, e.g., the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

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