Customer Assistance for Re-employment and Economic Support

FedcapCARES (Customer Assistance for Re-employment and Economic Support) is an automated cloud-hosted software application which serves as a hub for case management, client activity and tracks attendance, employment and retention. It also provides a state of the art approach to document management along with advanced bi-directional data integration Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) so that we can transfer data to and from external systems including government, subcontractors and partners’ systems.
The system employs a robust dashboarding and reporting framework –which serves as the basis for our continuous quality improvement efforts. The specifications for FedcapCARES were created based on proven case management workflows and their relevant metrics for improving performance toward helping participants reach self-sufficiency.

Record Creation

  • Automated interfaces to create client profiles from other datasets where client data may exist such as partner, subcontractor or funder. Manual client profile creation is also an option.

Intake Screens

  • Captures required agency and funder data
  • Robust versioning and history tracking capabilities


  • System manages client calendars and categorize activities to track client engagement
  • Client calendars easily accessible and exportable


  • System has the ability to capture classroom attendance by scanning client picture IDs to streamline identity verification and attendance recording
  • System runs real-time reports for engagement and outreach to absent clients
  • System has automated interfaces to send attendance data to funders/partners systems, eliminating double data entry and minimizing administrative time
  • IVR (Integrated Voice Response) module gives the ability for clients to call toll-free numbers from a registered phone number in order to sign-in and sign-out for any off-site countable activity. This updates the participant electronic case file in FedcapCARES in real-time via web services, thus eliminating the need for paper time sheets and allowing for real-time reporting of participation and real-time alerts for attendance follow-ups.

CCMS (Communications Campaign Management System)

  • The CCMS module automates appointment reminders, attendance follow-up to supervised activity providers and participants, and employment opportunity events notifications. Communications are automatically sent using all of the following methods of communication which have been authorized for use by the participant (and provider, when appropriate): SMS text messaging, email, and/or IVR phone call with predefined voice prompts. Sets of predefined triggers within the participant electronic case file can be configured as separate communication campaigns. Campaigns can be modified to meet the requirements of the program, as needed.

Support Services and Disbursements

  • For financial reporting and audit purposes, the system tracks and manages the disbursement of transportation funds, books, childcare and other disbursements

Caseload Management

  • System manages worker caseloads and distribution as well as facilitate batch distribution of worker case load/appointments in case of employee absence, terminations or new hires


  • System has the ability to upload documents into client profiles.
  • Uploaded documents will be available in the client’s documents center
  • Customizable permissions allow staff access to specific document types

Employment Services

  • System allows for job order entry by employment staff across all programs
  • System is able to search active clients for matches based on job requirements and client’s education, work experience, skills, and certifications
  • Staff is able to screen, refer and setup client interviews and capture feedback on referrals to measure interview outcomes

Retention Module

  • System tracks job placements and job retention efforts and contacts
  • System allows scanning and submission of proof of employment to funder for compliance and billing
  • Business intelligence reports show a placement trends and industries to target at specific timeframes. Reports show staff scorecards based on placements contributions

Dashboarding & Reporting

  • A robust dashboarding and reporting framework that enables any data inputted into the system to be queried with ease as well as the tracking of Performance and Quality Assurance measures.

Data History Tracking

  • Each module has a complete data history audit trail with change timestamps linked to users

Imaging Module

  • System facilitates indexing and secure transmittal of documents to external entities/systems

For further information contact: FCCares@fedcap.org

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