Empowerment Through Non-Clinical Mental Health Recovery

Joe Hill writes for Portsmouth Patch on our Clubhouse model, and how it is a key to recovery for our members. To give our supporters and other readers a closer look at standards, we are providing Standard #37 as an example as just one way a Clubhouse operates. This standard states, “The Clubhouse holds open forums and has procedures which enable members and staff to actively participate in decision making, generally by consensus, regarding governance, policy making, and the future direction and development of the Clubhouse.”

A hallmark of Seacoast Pathways Clubhouse is that members equally share with staff the decision making regarding how the Clubhouse operates. This is rare, if not unique, in the world of mental health services and is a key to recovery through empowerment. Members have a stake in the organization.

As an illustration, Policy Meetings are held at Clubhouses, usually monthly. They are usually not about programs offered, but more about basic ways the Clubhouse operates. Topics can range from something as simple as the hours of operation the Clubhouse employs to more philosophical issues such as evaluating the effectiveness of certain or all tasks within a work ordered day. 

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