Strength to Succeed Helps Family in Recovery

Granite Pathways’ Strength to Succeed (STS) program helps its participants catch up on utility bills. One of our Parent Partners recently shared how this program prevented a family we serve from losing their home this holiday season.

I just wanted to pass along a huge THANK YOU to the STS program on behalf of one of my parents for whom we were able to use flex funding to pay her electricity bill. Over $800 in back payments was owed and the household’s utilities were scheduled to be shut off on Christmas Eve. In this particular housing development, the family’s eviction would result.

My client cried tears of joy! She is so grateful to have a fresh start paying her bills and for averting homelessness.

I am so grateful to be a part of Granite Pathways and ecstatic to be a part of someone’s journey to success! Thank you all so much, on behalf of my client, and myself for being such a wonderful team and resource for our families in recovery! ❤ Hope this warms your heart as much as it did mine!

Without fearing loss of electricity and eviction, this parent can continue working on recovery in the safety and security of home. Thanks to all our team members and supporters who make this possible!

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