Mary Sateary

Youth Specialist & Alternative Peer Group Program
Mary Sateary
Mary Sateary joined Safe Harbor in January of 2023 as an intern through the Psychology program at the University of New Hampshire. She then came on as staff in May 2023.

Mary always knew that she wanted to work with the community and in the mental health field. As a Psychology and Justice Studies major, she interned with Safe Harbor and knew it was where she wanted to begin her career. “I was looking for some more hands on experience to figure out what I really wanted to do after graduation,” she recalls. “I loved being an intern and I learned that a job in the recovery field was the best fit for me.”

As a Youth Specialist, Mary mainly works on Safe Harbor’s Alternative Peer Group program. The Alternative Peer Group is a program for high school-aged youth during the school year. Mary collaborates with her co-facilitator and goes to schools to work with youth.
During the summer they run a summer Alternative Peer Group on Saturdays with fun prosocial activities. “To get this group up and running has been one of my favorite experiences at Safe Harbor,” Mary says. She is also exploring ways to use social media to reach more people in the community.

Mary is inspired by the young people she works with. “It is amazing to work with young people and see them grow with the opportunities that we are able to give them.”

She has a B.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in Justice Studies. She is now working on obtaining her Certified Recovery Support Worker (CRSW) license.
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