Jordan Trombino

Recovery Specialist & Alternative Peer Group for Youth, Parenting Journey in Recovery & Families in Recovery

Jordan joined Safe Harbor as a member in 2019 and as staff in 2021. She also volunteered with us prior to joining the staff.

Jordan is inspired by helping people and by her own past experiences. “I decided on this career path because I have always wanted to help people. I did not think I would be able to have any kind of meaningful career while in active use and I used my health problems as an excuse to continue use,”

she says. “It wasn’t until I was able to work on confidence and competence that I was able to find recovery and value in my past experiences; that I could use them to help others see that they too can overcome their own personal struggles.”
Jordan started with Safe Harbor as a facilitator in the Parent Journey in Recovery curriculum, for which she worked with caregivers who were seeking to maintain or strengthen their recoveries. Eventually she was also trained to facilitate Families in Recovery which is another curriculum for families dealing with substance misuse. Recently she has been part of the new APG Youth group where we offer peer support in a group setting to youth that directly or indirectly affected by substance misuse. Having gained the education around youth services, she can offer support to a whole family system, in hopes of providing better outcomes for families dealing with SUD (substance use disorders).

Reducing stigma and negative reactions or language from others who have not experienced SUD are key goals of Jordan’s work. “I find inspiration from my past self and from the people I love who are still suffering. I treat everyone who comes into our center like I would want myself or my family treated. I also find inspiration in the stigmatic behaviors and language from the outside community. I want to be the kind face, the kind word and to give hope to those who are overlooked or worse.”

Jordan is a trained Peer Recovery Support Specialist. She has also had training in SUD and family systems, youth prevention and youth mental health first aid, ethics, suicide prevention and more. She is also working towards becoming a State licensed Certified Recovery Support Worker (CRSW).
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