Granite Pathways Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to spread across the world, Granite Pathways is taking a series of proactive steps to manage the risk to our staff, our clients and their families and the work of Granite Pathways.

Building on the literature from the CDC, OSHA and the McKinsey Group.  Here are several of the actions we have or are in the process of undertaking:

  1. Communicate to and protect our staff.  Business as usual is not an option. We started by developing a plan to communicate to our employees frequently and we are working to expand this effort by establishing a staff and client resource center to provide support to our most vulnerable staff. 

We hold weekly discussions with our company leaders and senior executives to maintain consistency of communications.

  1. We developed a process for Business Continuity Risk Assessment and Planning—addressing all areas of agency functioning during this time of crisis, providing agency leaders a guide to manage day to day operations.

There are areas of concern that we are focusing on including a) employees’ health, welfare, and ability to perform their roles; b) financial stress-testing and development of a contingency plan; c) supply-chain monitoring, rapid response, and long-term resiliency, and e) coordination and communication with relevant constituencies.

We set up a cross-functional Command Center including our CEO, Corp Counsel, Chief Strategy Officer and agency representatives from our health care services.  These individuals meet weekly to ensure that we are working all aspects of our plan.  The Command Center includes local and toll-free numbers and a dedicated e-mail address that are checked hourly.

  1. We are ensuring that our liquidity is sufficient to weather the storm.  We are developing scenarios for the critical variables that will affect revenue and cost and, in each instance, we are developing actions that would stabilize the program/company.

  2. In stabilizing the supply chain, we are in the process of defining the extent and likely duration of our supply-chain exposure and inventory levels and securing additional products where need is determined to be high.

  3. We are working hard to stay closely connected to our clients and our funders.  We understand that individuals we serve are worried.  We have sent numerous communications to families and are assessing the needs of our most vulnerable to determine the kind of support needed and our capacity to meet this need.

  4. We are practicing the plan. Scenarios and simulations offer clarity to leaders and ensure that, in the event, the actions needed to carry out the plan are fully understood and the required investment readily available.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Patricia Reed at or by phone at 603-493-9751.

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