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Granite Pathways is celebrating its 2-year anniversary as an officially Designated Recovery Friendly Workplace! As one of the 28 early adopter workplaces, Granite Pathways is proud to support the RFW vision and our shared commitment to support those who have been impacted by substance use disorder. In our role as a not-for-profit provider, we work with individuals and families to support recovery and to achieve economic well-being. Through this designation, we also reinforce the message that we support our employees as well and welcome them to reach out for help and support if they are struggling with SUD, another behavioral health issue, or perhaps just need a boost to support their own recovery.

We are grateful for the work of the Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative to promote individual well-being and to encourage and support businesses to create environments that foster success for employees in recovery. Both components of this work are essential, and we look forward eagerly to ongoing partnership and collaboration with RFW to advance this important mission.

Photo (left to right) Our Safe Harbor Recovery Center team: Kate O’Brien, NHTI Intern @ SHRC; Teresa Varney, SHRC Volunteer Coordinator/Staff; Whitney Brown, Job Launch Contract Manager/Staff; Patricia Reed, GP State Director/Staff; Samantha Lewandowski, Asst. Director @ NH Governor’s Recovery Friendly Workplace; Donna Keefe, GP Director of New Initiatives/Staff; Dustin Ward, SHRC Director/Staff; Anna Battle, Field Supervisor, Strength to Succeed/Staff

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