Granite Pathways Youth Treatment Center

Granite Pathways Youth Treatment Center, located at 1056 North River Road in Manchester, NH, is the right program to meet the needs of youth between the ages of 12-17 struggling with drug or alcohol abuse.  

There is nothing easy about adolescence.  It is a pivotal period in the physical, mental and spiritual development of young people, and sometimes they get lost. 

At our program the young person matters.  We believe in each youth’s ability to succeed and recover. We understand teenagers and we know how to make a difference in their lives.

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Youth receive comprehensive, evidence-based treatment geared specifically for the unique challenges they face.

• We don’t do “cookie cutter” programming. We provide services that are tailored for every young person in the program.

• We believe in the importance of families participating in the care of their child.

• We know how to get past the denial and excuses to the real work of helping a young person stop using drugs or alcohol.

• Our treatment environment is safe and supportive of youth with painful histories.

• Our staff are smart, caring and effective.

• Our treatment teams include Registered Nurses, Social Workers, clinical case managers and psychiatric caregivers, who can initiate medication-assisted treatment when necessary.

• Certified recovery support workers, many in recovery themselves, serve as peer counselors and mentors –lending a listening ear and a supportive shoulder.

Ensuring Success After the Youth Leaves Treatment: Family and Community Involvement

Recovery may begin in treatment, but we understand that the real, hard work happens after discharge.

To make sure that young people succeed after they leave, we engage their families, as well as other important support systems such as schools, in the recovery process. From the moment the young person walks through our doors, families are invited to participate in everything from treatment planning, education, family counseling and other group activities. We work with teachers and school administrators so the youth can continue to make academic progress during treatment.


And when they leave, our staff ensure that the right supports in place to succeed.

We can do this…TOGETHER!

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