Pathways to Evolve (Outpatient)

Pathways to Evolve offers an intensive outpatient treatment program, serving youth and young adults between ages 12 and 25.

Traditional approaches to working with adolescents with drug problems have produced disappointing results. The mad rush to get young people to say, “I will quit” often leads to either increased defiance, or increased dishonesty, with young people telling adults what they “want to hear.”

Granite Pathways is doing something different.

Our program model follows the evidence-based Seven Challenges™ approach (, which avoids the pitfall of pressuring people to be drug free before they have honestly committed themselves to being drug free. We help individuals to focus on deepening their own identity and learning systematic and logical thinking–all of which pave the way for them to become successful, goal-oriented individuals.

To succeed in working with youth, we place a special emphasis on creating a climate of mutual respect within which youth and young adults can talk openly and honestly about themselves.

The 8-12 week intensive outpatient program, provided by experienced licensed and certified staff, is for youth and young adults who are in need of an intensive approach to combat their substance use disorder. The program will also provide an array of services including comprehensive evaluation, individual, group and family therapy, case management, and family education and support groups. Peer Support, Drug Testing and MAT Referrals are also provided as needed.

We raise consciousness, inspire hope, and motivate informed, internally driven, sincere decisions to change.

To learn more, contact Admissions at 877-426-7780.